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Papier d'Armenie incense - traditional

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Older than the Eiffel Tower, Papier d’Arménie was born in Paris in 1885 as a result of the experiments of a chemist and a scientist. The idea came from a travel to Armenia, country where the benzoin resin, derived from the bark of trees – the major ingredient of the booklet – was used to purify the air. Incense, myrrh, woodsy, and vanilla scent, created in 2006 by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. 

INSTRUCTIONS: 36 strips to burn: Tear off a strip, fold it like an accordion, light it and blow out the flame so that it burns slowly without flame. Leave it on a heat proof dish. Try it with one or two strips in a closed room. Repeat if needed. It can also be used without burning it to perfume cupboards and drawers.

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